IAS_LOGO2-88px highIAS embraces the model of a beehive as the optimal organizational structure. Hives function with great effectiveness and efficiency. A clear hierarchy exists, the right workers are in the right jobs, and the result is an organization that abounds with honey. IAS has the expertise and experience necessary to transform any organization into an operational beehive.

IAS helps you put the right people, programs, processes, and systems in place to transform your organization’s uniqueness into a foundation for success.


Christmas through New Years a paid holiday?

I vote yes! I have seen this practice in both non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses. Both state the same reasons for giving their employees paid time off during the week between Christmas and New Years: it improves employee morale, costs them very little... read more

Bumper Sticker Approach to Job Searches

If you are looking for a job right now, I can bet that you are tired of on-line applications, emailing your resume, connecting to social networks and all the other electronic wizardry that is supposed to land you that job. My encouragement is to keep your mind open to... read more

Networking Benefits

I was asked by another business owner to share about my support system as a business owner. I liked the questions he asked and thought I would share them with you along with my answers about what I have gained through my networking community: Tell me about your... read more

Giving Negative Feedback to Staff

Most managers hate giving negative feedback to staff. Over the years I have learned a few things (usually the hard way) that make that process a bit easier. Here’s my top 5 tips about giving negative feedback to staff: Create an alliance with your staff. Your staff... read more

Ever had to fire someone…?

The first time I fired someone it was very difficult. The person who worked for me was talented at her actual job but was a terrible employee, not submitting time reports, showing up late or not at all to meetings with no explanation, responding inappropriately to her... read more