IAS_LOGO2-88px highIAS embraces the model of a beehive as the optimal organizational structure. Hives function with great effectiveness and efficiency. A clear hierarchy exists, the right workers are in the right jobs, and the result is an organization that abounds with honey. IAS has the expertise and experience necessary to transform any organization into an operational beehive.

IAS helps you put the right people, programs, processes, and systems in place to transform your organization’s uniqueness into a foundation for success.


Buying the Emperor New Clothes

Attention all innovative, results oriented, influential, self-styled leaders… Check your wardrobe! We all know the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes in which the leader of an empire gets duped into believing he is getting the best clothes that only the brightest and... read more

Managing Introverts?

Though written in 2003, the Atlantic Magazine article Caring for Your Introvert  is a timeless piece on the differences between extroverts and introverts. The author is speaking in general terms but I have seen this specifically with organizations I have worked with... read more

How to Avoid Micro-managing

As managers, we have all felt the need to micromanage our employees. Most of the time it is because either we, or our superiors, fear dire consequences if we don’t keep a close eye on everything. From my experience, however, I have found that if left unchecked, the... read more

Christmas through New Years a paid holiday?

I vote yes! I have seen this practice in both non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses. Both state the same reasons for giving their employees paid time off during the week between Christmas and New Years: it improves employee morale, costs them very little... read more

Bumper Sticker Approach to Job Searches

If you are looking for a job right now, I can bet that you are tired of on-line applications, emailing your resume, connecting to social networks and all the other electronic wizardry that is supposed to land you that job. My encouragement is to keep your mind open to... read more