Performance & Motivation

Instead of dreading performance appraisal time, IAS shows organizations how performance planning and appraisal can actually be a positive experience and improve employee effectiveness. 

iStock_000014075535MediumTrakStar  is the most powerful and easy-to-use Performance Management System for your organization. Everything you need in an employee performance appraisal system is included at a very reasonable cost.

  • Track and manage the entire appraisal workflow from your HR control center
  • Free up employees, managers, HR and IT to spend time on strategic activities
  • Conduct appraisals using your process and online employee appraisal forms
  • Reduce time and money spent conducting and recording appraisals
  • Improve the quality and completion rates of your employee appraisals

Our small business had struggled to find an appraisal structure that works for each employee & the discipline to make each review happen consistently. IAS introduced us to TrakStar which has helped us to think through the important setup processes & communicate each aspect of employee performance more clearly. Employees appreciate the way the system compares their input with their manager’s responses.

Veterinary Practice Manager, Colorado Springs, CO


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