200315460-001Team Dynamics Analysis

IAS provides targeted consulting designed to measurably increase the effectiveness of the teams within your organization. Combining reliable data from team analysis with our creative style of group facilitation, we help you meet the challenges facing your team in areas such as communication, leadership, decision-making, work/life balance, and morale.

Ultimately, IAS energizes your teams by creatively showing members how their strengths and style of learning can be matched or adapted to accommodate their position on the team. We also work with multiple teams, facilitating how each team can best interact with the others.

I have used IAS on two separate occasions over the past 5 years. Both times, I have walked away with a greater understanding of my own strengths and appreciation for the different strengths within my staff. IAS helped our staff understand each other’s differences and taught us how to draw on the strengths each person brings to the team. Once we understood our differences, working together has become more efficient and harmonious.

Director Youth Ministry, Minneapolis, MN