I love this tip for time management from an Entrepreneur article! I learned this at a Dale Carnegie Leadership seminar at some point in my past life as an executive director at a nonprofit and actually tried it and found it to be very beneficial. I must confess I no longer practice this but was reminded by this article that I should.

Email has changed the way we work in dramatic ways. For those of us over 30, do you remember working before we had email and the internet? What in the world did we do with ourselves? Actually get up to talk to the person in the office next to us? How absurd! In all seriousness, the reality is that we spend most of our time during the day focusing on the “urgent” instead of the “important” and it literally sucks our time down the drain.

I challenge you to try, for one week, just this one time management tip: log off of your email and instant messaging. Plan to check and respond to your emails when you get in to the office in the morning, before or after lunch, and one hour before you leave. You’ll be surprised how much time you will have to focus on what is actually important when you are not constantly being interrupted by the urgent, (that’s not really urgent at all because if it was the person would walk into your office or pick up the phone rather than shooting you an ambiguous email).

Let me know how it goes!