If you are looking for a job right now, I can bet that you are tired of on-line applications, emailing your resume, connecting to social networks and all the other electronic wizardry that is supposed to land you that job. My encouragement is to keep your mind open to creative ways of connecting with people in real life!

Bumper stickerThe perfect illustration of this principle was when I landed a job by putting a note on the windshield of someone’s car! I was in graduate school and looking to work in the Olympic movement. I had tried the usual channels to get my foot in the door, but to no avail. Then, one day, I walked outside my where I lived and saw a car with an “Atlanta Olympics Olympic Staff” bumper sticker on it. Because of my class schedule I could not wait for the person to come back, so I wrote a simple note explaining that I was interested in the Olympic movement and wanted to speak to him about his experiences with the Atlanta Olympics. I left my name and contact information on the note.

Later that evening I received a voicemail from the individual who worked for the university at which I was studying. We met a number of times and he gave me advice and forwarded my resume to his contact in the Olympic movement. It took about 6 months before an opportunity arose and my future boss contacted me to apply for a job, but there is no doubt that that my short note on the car windshield set everything in motion for me to eventually reaching my goal of working in the Olympic movement.