When you are looking to hire for a new position (which of course you already have a job description for and have already determined the types of inherent traits you are looking for) pay special attention to the candidates that have done their own research on your organization and ask questions of their own.

This is often a sign that the candidate is not just desperate for any job but wants to be deliberate about being in a place that they feel is a good fit for them, which will make them a better fit for you. This is not to say that a candidate that doesn’t ask questions isn’t a good fit.

As an Executive Director, once I was a bit more seasoned in hiring I interviewed 2 qualified candidates for an open position I was seeking to fill. Both on paper had the right qualifications, both had similar inherent traits based on personality profiling, but one asked several questions about the culture of our organization and the expectations we had of employees. It’s what got her the position. I felt that she had invested time into learning as much as she could about our organization online but wanted to be certain we were a good fit for her just as much as we wanted to be certain she was a good fit for us.

A good candidate fits what you’re looking for. A great candidate fits what you are looking for AND you fit what they are looking for from a much larger scope than just a paycheck. The following article gives some examples of profitable questions candidates can ask during the interview process. So don’t stop asking, “Do you have any questions for me?” in your interviews. It could be a sign of a great fit!

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