Many times clients work are very quick to point the finger at their boss as the reason for all the problems in their work dynamic. However, much of the time employees are not doing their share of the work to better the dynamic.

For example, many people are not entirely clear on what their job responsibilities are or what is expected of their performance and find this a top frustration in their job. If your boss has not clarified this for you then write your own job description and bring it to your boss for approval. You are the best person to write your job description as you know best what it is you do. This entails writing each task with a measurable and specific description.

Next, set goals for your own desired improvement. Tell your boss the goals you have set for yourself to grow and let them know you will be following up to ask for feedback in 6 months about the growth they have witnessed. Throughout that time keep notes on all the steps you have taken in those areas of improvements. Document your own performance and bring that to your boss in 6 months for a review and to set additional goals.

Ideally your boss will clarify your job description and provide you with a performance review. In reality though I have seen that more times than not, this is not happening. Most supervisors intend to do performance reviews but find it a very difficult task to actually follow through on (one which IAS can help make much easier). You taking the lead in this, though not ideal, takes the ownership on your performance and puts it on you, where it belongs in the first place.

Don’t be so quick to point the finger at your boss. Take ownership of your own performance and help your boss manage you better!