As a new manager I hired a team of creative’s to do public speaking in high schools and middle schools. My team was dynamic, related amazingly to kids, and were powerful presenters, but difficult employees. The amount of conflict around basic standards of performance was intense, ongoing, and very frustrating. Because my team was talented at what they did in the schools I did not want to lose any of them for fear that I would not find someone who was as dynamic in the classroom. I paid the price big time. Everyone is replaceable!

I remember interviewing a woman that came across very differently from my preferred type of employee in her interview which made me hesitant to consider her. The supervisor she would be directly reporting to really liked her and I allowed her to make the decision to hire her. She turned out to be an amazing employee and brought balance to the team that had not been there before.

At the time my organization brought in a consultant to go over a personality scan with us. The results were profound and life changing for me as a manager. I learned that I had placed people in positions that were not a good fit for their strengths and personality. For example I had several high dominance people in positions that allowed them no power to make decisions. For a high dominant person this is frustrating and debilitating. I also realized I had all high extroverts, which is why they were great in the classroom as speakers. However, they constantly competed with each other for the lime light in our organization instead of listening to me and to each other.

In looking at the scans results I realized that the woman I had been hesitant to hire had the two traits the other members of my team did not have, and her scan was almost opposite of many of my more difficult employees. She was not as dynamic in the classroom, but she was still very good and was an excellent overall employee.

Using this assessment tool at the start of the hiring process allowed me to better align a candidate with a position and identify what type of person I needed to create a more well-balanced team to increase our success as an organization and decrease my frustration as a manager. By my third year of being a manager I had finally learned how to hire and will never hire again without assessing the candidates using a non-threatening, easy and reliable survey tool that is statistically tested and produces reliable results to accurately assess a person’s basic and preferred work styles.