Often small business owners and nonprofit leaders have a really tough time setting aside the time to focus on improving the way their business functions internally. I can think of 4 of our clients that are having a difficult time setting aside the time to even meet with me to finish projects I know they would love to have complete. Most leaders know the things they need to do in order for their organization to function better, increase productivity and satisfaction but they are so busy doing what they do that they struggle to make the time for internal improvement strategies.

If this is the case for you, I challenge you to make a new year’s resolution! It is important to remember that you actually do not have the time NOT to work on the internal processes and structures. What you do is important and if you are going to build a foundation for sustainable growth you have to have the necessary processes and structures in place internally for that to happen. No, meeting me with me is not going to increase your bottom line (whether that be profit or a specific mission) directly but over the long haul working on internal improvement strategies will dramatically affect your bottom line.

Things like job descriptions, standard operating procedures, employee relations and motivation, performance evaluations, and communication strategies may all seem very drab and boring. But they are necessary for sustainable growth, and we can do them for you! At IAS we know that you are so busy doing what you do best you don’t want to deal with the hassle of the details. But someone has to! So either hire someone internally, or commit to giving us the time to work with you. No matter how you go about it, prioritize it and get it done!