After recently posting an article on great leadership on my social media sites I spoke with a relative who stated that they believed their boss met the criteria for great leader that this article proposed.

She stated that as a working mom it is very difficult to spend the time away from her kids and the multiple other responsibilities she feels like she should be attending to. Going to work is a necessity and without a bachelors degree she has found herself back in retail. We all know retail can be miserable. The hours are tough, the pay is low, and usually our bosses don’t really care all that much.

Her current employer is intentional about building a culture of appreciation to his employees. He works with them around their scheduling needs and blows up a picture once a month to honor the “Top Performer of the Month”. He finds ways to give people the breaks they deserve and looks for ways to creatively move them around the roles within the store so that they don’t get bored.

In this conversation my relative said, “If you have to work it is a really pleasant environment to work in. I really like my job and don’t mind going in to work. It’s so much nicer to work at a place where you are appreciated”.

Because of how she feels about the culture at work and her boss she seeks to continually increase her performance. She tries to get there early and she thinks of the needs of the store when she is trying to get her schedule at home set up. She recently received Top Performer of the Month and had her picture blown up in the break room as recognition of her efforts.

If this can happen in a minimum wage retail store should it not also happen in any small business or nonprofit that is doing what they do because they are passionate about it? Can your employees say this about the environment at your office? Food for thought.