I have found that many managers know that they need another employee to help carry the load and have a good candidate in mind but neglect to create a job description and clearly define the roles they need the employee to play. This can feel free and relaxing at first for a new hire but it will eventually lead to conflict and frustration as well as unmet expectations on behalf of the employee and the manager.

A clearly defined job description that aligns with the mission, goals, and needs of an organization is the first step in the hiring process. Once you have defined what tasks that person will be responsible for you can more clearly define what type of a candidate you are looking for. A friend of a friend or a really nice or energetic person may just be a bad fit for the role you need them to play.

Many managers make hires based on how much they like a person and how well they see them fitting in with the team. Both of these factors are important to consider. In addition though, the person must be a fit for the role you need them to play. You should not hire someone who likes to take charge and be in control for a subordinate position that has no decision making power. You should not hire an extroverted person for a desk job even though they come across wonderfully in a interview. They will wilt cooped up behind a desk.

When hiring, look for a person that fits the role you need them to play. Then from those candidates choose the one you “like” best.