I recommend reading the article 4 Common Mistakes Managers Make by Dan Schawbel, which states that 58% of all managers have never received any formal training in management. I have found this to be the case with almost every client I have worked with. Most people become managers (not to mention business owners and founders of nonprofits) because they are great at what they do, not because they excel as a manager of people.

In addition to this slight oversight, the manager also has a full time job of their own to complete on top of managing their people. Most managers are really doing two jobs: their own “job”, and managing their people to ensure they do their job. In my experience most managers would rather just get their own “job” done and ignore the needs of their people assuming others function like they do so they should be self sufficient. (**Loud Buzzer**) Wrong answer! Managing people is hard. Probably significantly harder than the “job” you do. So it makes sense that we would avoid that part. However, if we really learn to manage well we can make things easier on ourselves and at the same time create a functioning, productive workforce that will increase our bottom line.

Managers BootCamp can provide you with the tools you need as a manger to make that happen. If you don’t use IAS for training please seek out other training on how to be a good manager. Your job as a manager is two-fold. Be as good at managing your people as you are at your “job” and you will be unstoppable!