IAS makes online performance appraisals affordable to small businesses with as few as 2 staff members! TrakStar is an online performance appraisal system that takes the pain out of performance reviews. For most managers the difficulty of doing performance reviews comes when they sit down to write the review and are forced to base a full years review on whatever they can remember from the most recent past (usually the last 6 weeks).

A system like TrakStar has features that allows managers and employees to keep ongoing performance notes on their own performance and that of their people throughout the year. A manager can choose to make these notes visible to employees or not, which adds in a coaching component. At review time the notes show up in the review form and a manager can choose to copy them into the performance appraisal or choose not to.

Of course you can do this using a paper system as well. It only requires that you keep a notebook or folder for each employee and continually add performance notes to it. The challenge is at review time you have to manually copy each of the performance notes into your paper document. Additionally, most managers I have spoken with fail to do this throughout the year.

No matter which system you choose to use, paper or online, keeping ongoing performance notes on your employees’ performance is the linchpin to simplifying the performance review process.