I love this article and just wanted to include a clip of it to highlight the value of using behavioral assessment for hiring. IAS uses ProScan with our clients as a tool to help them more clearly define what type of candidate would be the best fit for any given position. The tool helps us facilitate the process of them honing in on the innate strengths needed as well as make sure they are all on the same page with what they want in a candidate. Then it allows us to screen candidates through the assessment tool to make sure they are a match.

Someone recently said “I just don’t think a 20-something question survey can provide us with the detail we need to make a decision like this.”  I think that is a common feeling and if you have never used a profiling tool you may not understand the value it can bring to the hiring process. We have found that a “20-something question survey” can actually produce enormous results and provide very clear language around the type of candidates you are looking for.

Recently a client used this by comparing a high performer who was leaving with the candidates for her replacement. They did an initial interview and felt like one particular candidate was a good fit based on her answers to their interview questions, scanned her and determined she had answered honestly about her natural wiring (and did not just answer the questions with what she thought they wanted to hear) and moved her into the final interview process to confirm those results one last time before hiring her.

An assessment tool is not the end all be all to the hiring process but it sure can be an invaluable tool to making some pretty costly decisions in hiring the right people the first time around.