Ah… performance evaluation time! Something we all love. Ok, maybe not. Doing performance evaluations is often one of the most dreaded tasks a manager has. Here are a couple tips to make it just a little easier.

  1. Keep ongoing performance notes. This is easiest when you use an online appraisal tool. Such appraisal tools allow you to input ongoing performance notes at any time and then copy them effortlessly into an employee’s final performance evaluation. If you are not using an online tool you can use email documentation that is sent to an employee following a direct feedback interaction, printed and kept in a file or a simple notebook with a tabbed section for each of your people. Every time you provide feedback document it. This allows you to provide accurate feedback from more than the last 6 weeks of performance in an evaluation.
  2. Anything included in a performance note should be addressed directly. If you have documented something use that as a cue to make sure that you have addressed the behavior directly with that person.
  3. There should be no surprises in a performance evaluation. Anything that you put in a performance evaluation should have been previously addressed directly with an employee. If there is something in an evaluation that surprises your people you have not done your job as a manager.
  4. Do performance evaluations at least annually or bi-annually. Whatever system you use, make sure you use it! Performance evaluations are critical for the growth of every employee and manager in your organization. Do not let yourself think that these are just HR busy work. When done correctly they are the key to organizational growth and success.