Why is it so hard to write a job description that is specific and measurable? Because it’s a tedious job that belongs in the hands of someone who is detail oriented (like me)! Why do you need a job description that is specific and measurable (not to mention updated) you may ask? Well, I’m so glad you asked! You need an accurate job description so that your people know what is expected of them. According to the Gallup Organization’s extensive research one of the 12 most crucial questions that must be answered for employee engagement is “Do I know what is expected of me at work?”

Most managers I speak with say things like, “Well of course they know what they are supposed to do”. When I ask how the employee would know what they are supposed to do typically managers say things like, “Because they should just know. It’s their job.” Unfortunately, this is almost always untrue.

It is critical that you communicate to every person who works for you what you expect of them in their role. This can begin most easily with a specific and measurable job description. As I mentioned, this is a tedious task which most managers cringe at the thought of. However, with the help of someone like IAS it can be really quite simple. It begins with a list of tasks (typically provided by the employee currently doing the actual job). Your consultant then collaborates with the employee to really hone in on the specific and measurable tasks required for the job. Once that’s done the manager simply approves it and makes any final adjustments needed.

If you have not updated your employees job descriptions recently and communicated what is expected of them it is really not fair to do a performance evaluation on them. Once the job description is accurate and updated the employee and manager are on the same page as to what is expected and an objective evaluation can then take place at regular intervals.